About us

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Sustentaplas is a mexican company founded in 2018 which is part of a larger industrial group which has been on the recycling business for more than 15 years.


Sustentaplas is located in Torreón, Coahuila, México which is a strategic point due to its proximity to raw material sources, to the border with the United States and to maritime ports in both the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.


customer satisfaction is our priority


Our objective is to promote the circular economy of plastics through a process that allows reincorporating post-industrial plastic resins, altering its chemical and physical properties to the lesser extent possible for which we have a professional work team, advanced machinery and robust operation procedures.


Our process is friendly to the environment by not having any discharge to the public drainage and by using adiabatic cooling thermal convectors for the production process.


Sustentaplas quality policy is to meet the expectations of our customers in the processing of recycled polyethylene through work team and robust operating and maintenance procedures, using an ecological approach in all our processes to provide a competitive cost proposal..